Tsarigradsko shose 9 km, 1186 Sofia

Prof. Dr. Petar Stoyanovich (born 1967 in Sofia).

He graduated in General History and History of Eastern Europe from the University of Vienna.

Prof. Dr. Petar Stoyanovich

He was Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign Affairs (1998-2001), International Secretary of the Union of the Democratic Forces (2001-2002), Political Secretary and Chairman of the St. George’s Day Movement Party (2002-2009), political observer for the Novinar newspaper (2004- 2009), Minister of Culture (2013-2014).

He obtained his Master’s (1995) and Doctor’s (1998) degrees from the University of Vienna. Later he was assigned as Doctor of Historical Sciences (2015), Associate Professor at the Institute for Historical Research of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (2016), Professor (2018).

He is the author of four monographs and dozens of scientific articles and research on the Third Bulgarian Kingdom and European politics in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Prof. Dr. Petar Stoyanovich is one of the prominent contemporary European researchers of the life and deed of King Ferdinand I of Bulgaria.

He is a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Malta (1998), and Grand Officer of the Pro Merito Melitensi Order of the Sovereign Military Order of St. Ioan of Jerusalem, Rhodes, and Malta.